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Flashback is an intra-color quartz flash that lets you be more productive with a smaller, less expensive machine. Flashback’s patented intra-color flashing capability sets all Workhorse Tuf automatics apart from the pack by letting you produce more colorful, bright and opaque images on dark garments at the fastest speeds possible.

Intra-color flashing means that for the first time, printing, flashing and cooling are performed on the same print head. Because you don’t lose a color for flashing and another color for cooling, Flashback enables you to produce jobs that otherwise require a much larger, more expensive press. And because you can put a Flashback on any or all print heads, it gives you much more flexibility and performance than machines with complicated revolving programming.

Prefer conventional in-head flashing? Flashback doubles as a high-end quartz flash. Flashback’s performance not only beats other quartz flashes that are twice the price, but it saves you even more money: the built-in turbo fans instantly cool the garment, eliminating the need for an additional cooling station or expensive cool misting systems.

Learn more about the advantages of using Flashback.

Product Features

  • Conpatible with Workhorse Tuf's Freedom and Javelin Pro automatic textile printers.
  • Flashes and cools within printhead
  • Four intra-color flash modes:
    • print once, flash once
    • print twice, flash once
    • print, flash, print
    • print, flash, print, flash
  • Inter-color flash mode: High speed flashing with instant cooling
  • Adjustable shuttle-in/shuttle-out speeds
  • Quick-flashing quartz elements
  • Quick-cooling turbo-fans
  • Heat-reflector
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to move from head to head
  • Available sizes:
    • Flashback 16, 16x18" (40x46cm)
    • Flashback 20, 20x22" (51x56cm)
    • Flashback 22, 22x27" (56x70cm)
    • Flashback 24, 24x36" (61x91cm)
    • Flashback 41, 41x32" (104x81cm)

Price List

Product Part Number Price
Flashback Curing Unit (16x18") [body]

16X18”(41X46CM)  Power:  220V, 50-60HZ,  4,400 Watts, 20 Amps

CA-0016A $3,525.00
Flashback Curing Unit (20x22") [body]

20X22”(51X56CM)  Power:  220V, 50-60HZ,  5,500 Watts, 25 Amps

CA-3020 $4,100.00
Crating for Flashback [body] CR-0006 $75.00