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The Flashback Advantage

To better understand Flashback’s advantages, let's consider a typical six-color job that requires two flashes; first flashing and cooling the under base and then flashing and cooling before the highlight white.

Use a Smaller (Yup, Smaller) Press

Only Workhorse Tuf with Flashback provides intra-color flashing. With a Workhorse Tuf automatic press equipped with two Flashbacks, you can print this six-color job with a compact and affordable six color press rather than larger more expensive eight- or 10-color presses.  

Other brands attempt to achieve our results with complicated revolving programs that turn the press into a batch printer. This requires an eight-color press and requires that the garment go around the machine multiple times.


It's a Quartz Flash, Too

Only Workhorse Tuf with Flashback provides inter-color flashing and cooling all-in-one. Flashback doubles as a high-end quartz flash. Built-in cooling enables you to print this six-color job fast on an eight-color press rather than a larger, more expensive 10-color press.  

To produce this job with a press equipped with conventional in-head flashes, you need a larger and more expensive 10-color press.


Flashback Speeds Up Production

In this six-color example, set your index delay to 0, and put your Flashbacks in heads 2 and 6 using the print-flash mode. While your Flashbacks are shuttling-in, your press is also indexing, saving you valuable production time.

Maximum Versitility

Easily move Flashbacks from head to head or put them in all heads for maximum versatility.

How Flashback Works

After the print stroke, Flashback slides its thin quartz element in between the garment and the screen. The printed image is instantly flash dried and then cooled.

Flashback keeps the ink from drying on the screen. A heat reflector focuses the heat on the garment while protecting the screen. This combined with turbo-air fans keep the screen and ink cool.