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Are you tired of long days of manual printing or turning down larger jobs? With its compact size and affordable price, Tuf Freedom is a smart choice for your first automatic. Order your Tuf Freedom with the optional 34 in. (86 cm) doorway knock-down feature, and Tuf Freedom can easily be delivered to and setup in smaller shops. Tuf Freedom’s exclusive self-leveling squeegee, simple-to-use controls and microregistration ensure that setups are as fast and easy as with your manual press. Go home early; both small and large jobs can be printed productively with the Tuf Freedom.

Upgrade: Make your Workhorse Tuf Freedom even more flexible with quick release palletes.

Performance Features

  Freedom 6 color/8 station
 Complexity of designs  Good
 Production speed  Good
 Image size  Good
 Floor space  Best

Standard Features

  • Flashback compatible
  • Quick-change-over/pneumatic screen clamps
  • Quick-release, double-durometer, floating-squeegee
  • Off-contact adjustment
  • Front and rear micro registration
  • Independent print and flood speed control
  • Fast and easy print and flood angle adjustments
  • Maintenance free print heads
  • Adjustable stroke length
  • All-access control panel with easy-view registration lamp
  • Micro-processor controls: sample print mode, missed shirt feature, begin/end production, Adjustable print/flood/index delay, foot-pedal or automatic mode, single/double print Stroke, individual head sample print
  • All-point registration system
  • Production counter

Product Features

  • Configuration: 6 colors
  • Print Area: 16 in x 18 in (40 x 46 cm)
  • Standard pallet size: 17 in x 23 in (43 x 58 cm)
  • Index speed: up to 45 dozen per hour
  • Machine diameter: 10.5 ft (3.2 m) to 12.5 ft (3.8 m) diameter
  • Breakdown: Machine breaks down to fit through a 34 in (86 cm) doorway
  • Youth and sleeve pallets and squeegee

Price List

Product Part Number Price
Freedom Pneumatic Driven Press FRD68 [body]

6 Color, 8 Station:  Air Driven Press  Max Print Area 16X18”(41X46CM) W/ Every Other Head 30X18”(76X46CM) in Landscape Position. Power:  Electric 110V, 50-60HZ, 10 AMPS  Air:  110PSI (7.6BAR), 22CFM (623 L/M). Diameter:  10’.5”(3.2M)   Weight:  1,900Lbs(862KG)   Capacity:  Up to 400-500 (30-40Doz.) Per Hr.

CAA-5000B $21,800.00
Freedom Crating Only [body] CR-0003 $850.00
Freedom Crating and Installation (Domestic) [body] CR-0004 $1,650.00
Freedom Crating and Installation (International) [body]

Does Not Include Travel, Lodging or Sustenance

CR-0004-I $1,200.00