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Looking for the Javelin? It Went Pro

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Javelin Pro top view
Javelin Pro control panel
Javelin Pro air clamps

The Tuf Javelin was a great machine –- certainly the best entry-level machine for automatic textile printing. But Workhorse Products thought they could make it better. They did.

Introducing the Javelin Pro, a replacement for the Javelin. With new digital touch screen interface and controlling software, the Javelin Pro makes automatic printing even more efficient. Here’s what’s new:

  • Faster on real-world jobs – The Javelin Pro does multiple strokes (up to nine times) without dropping the table in-between. This saves a ton of time and works great on most jobs.
  • Faster double indexing -- The Javelin Pro can double index without raising the table between indexes, which is almost twice as fast in double index mode as the Javelin it replaces.
  • Less fooling, more printing -- The Javelin Pro’s touch screen allows all adjustments to be made on the fly, offers complete diagnostics to keep the machine operating efficiently, and has combined all external timers into the touch screen.
  • Better design -- The counter was replaced with a much more complete production system.

Get to know the new Javelin Pro. It may look like the Javelin you know, but this is the Javelin you'll love.