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The Workhorse Radiant flash is an ceramic infrared panel flash unit designed to work with the Workhorse Tuf Freedom and Javelin Pro automatic textile printers. The Radiant is self protecting: If you've connected the Radiant to the Javelin Pro's or Freedom's control panel, the Radiant will shut down when the printer shuts down. It also automatically shuts off if left idle for more than two minutes. These features prevent the flash from causing damage if accidentally left on. The Radiant has a heavy-duty on/off breaker switch, extra long power cord to permit use on any print head, and communication cable to connect to the press or to Workhorse's patented Flashback curing unit. It also has an air-cooled shield to keep the shop cool and safe.

Product Features

  • Freedom and Javelin Pro compatible
  • ceramic infrared panel flash cure unit
  • landscape mode produces seam-to-seam wide format prints.
  • connects inline with the same cable as the Flashback so you can use both at the same time
  • built-in fan system that comes on when tables are down to put an air buffer between the heater and a stationary shirt below
  • can cure a standard 17-in by 19-in area.
  • electrical specifications: 230V A.C. model is 50Hz to 60Hz, 3,250 W and 15 amps

Price List

Product Part Number Price
Radiant Flash Curing Unit [body]

18X20”(46X51CM)   Power:  220V, 50-60HZ,  3,000 Watts, 14 Amps

CA-1820 $950.00